Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fright Night (2011

Now before I go on talking about Fright Night (2011) I have to admit I haven't seen the original. I might possibly make another post taking a look at both, but for now I'm just looking at this recent one as it's own movie and not a remake.  Now that I got that out of the way the first thing I have to say about this movie is that it is terribly forgettable. While the actors performances were actually pretty entertaining the pacing and story is a bit bland. 10 minutes in and Ed (Basically Mclovin again except with a bit more balls) straight out tells the main character his neighbor is a vampire. Now I'm not saying it was a horrible choice. You get to see the main character have to come to grips with what is going on next door in more depth, but that just struck me as off. From there its basically Kid watches neighbor, neighbor notices, kid breaks into neighbors house to confirm his suspicions, neighbor blows up his house.
Classic vampire move.
Then from there it's sort of a blur. There's the whole driving thing that eventually goes nowhere, then at Peter Vincent's Mansion...Oh did I forget to mention him? Sorry I just couldn't remember because he's in the movie for about 5 maybe 10 minutes tops. Sad actually cause his character was pretty good. Just think washed up (well more washed up)Chris Angel with a sad shoe horned in back story. Where was I..oh the blurry 3rd act. From the mansion it goes to a random club for  no other reason other than to split up the main character and the love interest and give him one last motivation to fight instead of run away like a smart person by turning his girlfriend into a vampire.  Peter Vincent pulls out a deus ex machina steak that will turn everyone turned by the head vampire back to normal...Because MAGIC. One last battle occurs and then it ends.

  My final thoughts- Even though it isn't a great film it does entertain you. The performances are pretty good. Some of the humor is pretty good, and some of the more tension filled parts had some actual tension. If the second half of the movie was as good as the first I'd recommend you go see it in theaters,  but it isn't so I wont. Maybe pick it up when it comes out on DVD if you feel like it.


  1. I always thought this movie looked kinda cheesy when I saw the trailer for it. lol.

  2. I've seen the original, it was okayish, the trailers for the new one don't make it look interesting at all, in my opinion. Maybe a dvd rental in 6 months.